Saturday, October 25, 2014

"Update" More Pictures

Hello everyone! Thought I'd share some of the progress on my house.
Dining Room with view through Butlers Pantry. Lighted Sconces my own original design.


Versailles pattern cherry wood parquet floor.

Entry/Stair Hall
I still have crown, base, firebox, and doors to do before furnishing.

I decided to add a few more pictures to this post.

Dining Room ceiling is gold leaf.

Stair Hall underway.

Stair Hall
Hall with completed railing made of brass rods, copper, 
wire, and jewelry bits all soldered and painted.

Detail of curved stair wall before gesso and paint.

Sconces I designed and made from jewelry bits, and Swarovski Crystal Beads.

Detail of Overmantle and Sconces.
Thanks to the 24 kind people who took the time to comment.
Believe it or not, 
I enjoy hearing all your comments on what I do.
Big changes ahead for me!
I have just started a new real life job....and it is not Miniatures
I will see you in your Blogs!
Thanks for looking again.