Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Windward House Kitchen Stove

Hello friends,
 Thought I would show you the kitchen stove in place. I was able to get that made last weekend.
I imagine  by now that seeing this kitchen again is old news, but it takes a substantial amount of time to make the individual parts, wait for paint to dry, and put everything in place.

Here is a closer look......sorry it is a bit dark.......the LED lights are affecting  the camera a bit. 
I have crown molding and base trims to go, along with finishing the "Fridge".  I won't show this again until finished ready to furnish.  In the next couple of days I will post the floor plan. Those of you interested in my house progress will be able to see the actual layout of all the rooms.
My next space to work on is the "Butlers  Pantry" that runs between this Kitchen and the Dining Room. It will only be viewable through the Kitchen doorway and in the Dining Room, a secret moving built in cabinet will be the doorway to that side of the Pantry.   Hope to see you again here. 

Respectfully submitted,
p.s.  I posted the sidebar with pictures of La Maison. My dear friend who now owns it is busily furnishing the rooms and making endless books for the Library.   Jayne, I hope you are still having fun with it!