Monday, July 28, 2014

Windward House Progress and other stuff

Hello my friends,
 I want to call your attention to a blog that I am enjoying.
jean-claude has designed and is building an exquisite French House!  I LOVE his style!
He paid me the complement of saying our houses are related! I'm flattered and hope you will check out his blog.
Today I thought I would share some rough pictures of my house and how it is being built.
I received a Lawbre French Country House shell at the beginning of this year and played around with it for a month or so only to decide that the rooms were too small.........  No matter what I did I could not make it a house that I wanted to pursue bashing. So I took it completely apart and used some of the pieces in the construction of  Windward House.  All the windows and French doors are from that structure.  The basic shell of my house is a plywood box, completely open, with a detachable roof. I did this type of roof to make the house easier to move and to fit through doorways of my real-life
house.  Remember these are rough pictures

Here you can see the entire open structure with the front panels removed. The house is 48"wide x 24"deep. It is 50" tall. You can see the kitchen on the left side. The center space will be the Stairhall with Butlers Pantry in the back. The space to the right will be the Dining Room. My interior walls are all of double thick illustration board with wood studs for support just like a real life house. I prefer this to doing wood interior walls because of weight. When the illustration board is properly supported, it is stronger than plywood and far more stable.  Others may not agree but experience has proven this to me.

Another view of the open plan shell before interior walls are built.

These are the three front panels in their unfinished state still completely flat. 

Seems like the "trend" is to do single dormers and I am following suite here. This is the one that I designed for my house and will be the only one on the roof front of Windward House. I made this from all sorts of components that I had on hand.

In this blurred picture you can see the "facing" I did in all the exposed edges of the plywood. I want all flooring, wall edges, moulding ends and ceiling trims to hide behind this facing. In my last house I was not able to do this without removing the hinged opening panels and it just was not worth all the work to repair the damage it would have created.

This is the beginning of the "Butlers Pantry" that, when finished, will only be visible through the Kitchen and Dining Room doors. It is one of the elements I like to do that makes you want to look.

The base of the cabinet is built from scratch. I painted faux "Red Dragon" granite and made the sink from an aluminum mixing bowl. Looks like stainless. I have yet to install the tap. The cabinets on either side are Bespaq pieces I dismantled, painted, and added LED lights. The pictures make these lights appear much brighter than in reality. I'm very pleased with the light they produce and also for the lack of heat.
This is the view into the "Butlers Pantry" from the Kitchen side. It is a lot of work for such a small view but it has to be there!
So my friends..........that's it for this post. I have started the curved staircase for the front hall and will be working on that next. Faux Iron Railings are on the horizon!
Thanks for visiting me today
Respectfully submitted,
Ray W