Saturday, October 8, 2016

Good Day My Friends!
Windward House.........has been sitting untouched for many months. Some of you know that I stopped selling my things in miniatures shows quite a while ago and re-entered the job world in a whole new career non miniatures related. Hence no posts on progress with my house. Time away has been good in that miniatures have become fun again.......for me.....which was very difficult during my time as a dealer. I don't miss that part at all.
I know that you don't look at this blog for testimonials so I am posting a few pictures for now and more will come along as I am able to move Windward House along.

This year Scott and I built book shelving units on either side of the fireplace in our family room. We always envisioned Windward House living on the right side of the fireplace so we designed the units to allow the house to fit.
The most recent work done to the house was the fitting out of the windows and aging the exterior. I still have the roof to tackle but that will be on another day.
I chose to draw the window grids in my autoCAD program and have them all laser cut. Since I am using these grids on both sides of the glass I could not see myself building them all. My good friend Lori-Ann Potts tipped me on the source for the glass I used........The Dollar Store.........dollar picture frames with glass. The glass is from China and is much thinner than standard US picture glass. I was able to get two windows out of one 8" x 10" piece! It was very easy to cut and sparkles brilliantly when the light hits it. Thanks Lori-Ann!

The railings are mocked up only......I am exploring Photo Etched Brass for the final rails. 
We'll see how the budget holds out for that.

Stair Hall

Dining Room


Library in the beginning stages of construction

Stair Hall

The next pictures are of  my former house/project.
The new owner very kindly submitted it Miniature Collector Magazine
 and I was pleased that they chose to publish the pictures.
Stair Hall
Dining Room
Master Bedroom
Guest Room
All the furnishings shown are from the collection of the new owner 
My pal "Stoney"
"Dash" and his pet cat "Lexi"

I am moving ahead with the Library and will post pictures of the progress next time.

Thank you for visiting!
Until next time........Ray W-B