Monday, July 17, 2017

Taking Time Off From Miniatures

This is the Library mantle piece that I built from stock wood pieces to replicate the one in the inspiration picture. The room in the picture is work by one of my all time favorite designers the late Charles Faudree.

 Ready made Sconces that I altered to create a better scale. I removed parts that were HUGE and bent them into a better shape. The scale is much smaller now. I am using these in the Library and Salon.

Library Ceiling with the picture source for the panel inserts. The "Grid is 3/8" x 3/8" wood with 1/2 scale crown miter cut and fitted into each opening. I plotted the design in AutoCAD and built it from the pattern you see here.
 Laser cut window grids for the Library windows. I am "Faux Wood grain painting them to match the paneling.

I am taking time off from miniatures until the interest and desire to do them returns. Leaving this business and returning to the "Real World" workforce has left little time to pursue this project. Hopefully inspiration will once again bring me back to miniatures but for know I will be only enjoying your blogs. Thank you for following me and thanks for reading this far.

Ray WB