Monday, July 17, 2017

Taking Time Off From Miniatures

This is the Library mantle piece that I built from stock wood pieces to replicate the one in the inspiration picture. The room in the picture is work by one of my all time favorite designers the late Charles Faudree.

 Ready made Sconces that I altered to create a better scale. I removed parts that were HUGE and bent them into a better shape. The scale is much smaller now. I am using these in the Library and Salon.

Library Ceiling with the picture source for the panel inserts. The "Grid is 3/8" x 3/8" wood with 1/2 scale crown miter cut and fitted into each opening. I plotted the design in AutoCAD and built it from the pattern you see here.
 Laser cut window grids for the Library windows. I am "Faux Wood grain painting them to match the paneling.

I am taking time off from miniatures until the interest and desire to do them returns. Leaving this business and returning to the "Real World" workforce has left little time to pursue this project. Hopefully inspiration will once again bring me back to miniatures but for know I will be only enjoying your blogs. Thank you for following me and thanks for reading this far.

Ray WB


  1. Wow! Your fireplace is gorgeous. And that ceiling! Beautiful.

  2. As usual your work is exceptional!. I will be sending mini vibes to you until your return. In other words don't say away too long!

  3. Hi Ray! It is always a pleasure to see a post from you... even when telling us you will be taking time off from minis! That ceiling looks Gorgeous! I can't wait to see the whole room together. I think your work is so incredibly meticulous and you always come up with superior designs.... so I really hope some time off will let you re-charge your creativity! Enjoy the time and don't stress... the minis will wait! I look forward to the "next post"! :)

  4. Hi Ray, glad you took time from the real world to post :) I always enjoy it---

  5. Hello Ray,
    How lovely it is to see a post. That ceiling is just wonderful. Well done. I also love your lighting and the fireplace mantel is gorgeous. I have to look up Charles Faudree. Inspiration never comes to those who force it. Take your time and I hope the desire for miniatures comes back to you.
    Big hug

  6. Im happy to see you back I learn so much from you but I understand about the real world work.


  7. So nice to see a post from you! Every time you post, I learn something! The Ceiling Masterpiece book could be a great resource. I'm looking for inspiration right now for a Plantation bedroom ceiling. Saw a beautiful inspiration at the Victorian Mansion in Portland Maine just a few weeks ago. Will miss your posts, and look forward to the return of your muse!

    Fondly, Martha in Louisiana

  8. How wonderful to see you Ray. I love what you did with those sconces. I wish you had told us more about how you altered those. The fireplace is gorgeous as is the ceiling. Hope you came back again soon. As you see everyone misses you.

  9. Thank you for taking time to post a new work. You are so incredibly talented that it's always a treat to see your pieces. Like Catherine I am very cusrious about how you made those sconces, it looks incredible to me. best wishes for real and mini life, Rosanna

  10. Thank you dear Ray for sharing your magic with us ! 💋

    I guess I know what you feel about.
    A break might be the door to the return...

    Mini hugs from Pipi đŸŒčđŸŒčđŸŒč

  11. Ray - Great post with great photos. Charles Faudree had his studio in Tulsa, Oklahoma -right here in my neck of the woods. He did great things. Take Care.

  12. Beautiful work, thank you for sharing! Sometimes in life we need to take a break, I'll wait patiently for your return.

  13. I can't image doing all of those precise miter cuts for your ceiling but what a Marvelous piece of craftsmanship Ray! ♡
    I also like your fireplace surround and the altered wall sconces. They were far too wide before you "X-Rayed" them haahaha
    Meanwhile I do believe that I know how you are feeling regarding taking a break. It can often become TOO MUCH MIINS and when you are having to force yourself to do something then the pleasure wears thin. So do what you need to do to get yourself mentally and spiritually refreshed and I'll be keeping my fingers X'd for your quick return. ;D

  14. Bonjour Ray, je suis toujours Ă©merveillĂ© par la prĂ©cision de votre travail. Il est bon parfois de prendre un peu de distance, je suis certain que Stoney et Dash vont vous aider Ă  retrouver l’inspiration.
    A bientĂŽt.

  15. Dear Ray,
    As always I love what you've made: the fireplace, the ceiling, the sconces (OMG they are beautiful!). If you feel you need a break, by all means, take the time you need. But I hope it will be a short break if you have to, and most of all I hope miniatures and developing/making them will bring you immense pleasure once again.
    Bye for now, dear friend, I will miss you.

  16. It is fantastic pieces of a masters hand.
    I hope you are soon back in the Miniature world.
    Hugs Titti

  17. Lovely to see your post Ray. It is always a pleasure to see your work. Thank you for all that you have shared with us. I hope in the future you will find time and inspiration again and pick up where you've left off. Until then, all the best! ~Josje~

  18. I see you will be teaching in September on a cruise. Do you know what you will be doing? I'm interested in joining the cruise. Could you contact me?