Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Trying to Get the Inspiration Back

Good afternoon my friends!
 I have been on a self imposed leave from miniatures and it has been a struggle to get back into it. I am going to begin working on my house very soon.
It is far from the exquisite and involved works that so many of you are doing but it has my signature look......and that's all I can do. I am also hoping that starting work again will take my mind away from the loss of my precious "Stoney"
So until I have progress pictures to share I am going to post some "Inspiration Pictures" of my favorite real life house. I was privileged to stand in front of it back in the 90's when it was being renovated and would love to have seen the inside. Does anyone remember / recognize this house?
The first picture of the house was used for the exterior scenes of The Beverly Hillbillies back in the 60's. Though none of the real interior was ever used for filming only the front lawn and drive way appeared in the series. The house is actually not in Beverly Hills. It is in the very private enclave known as Bel-Air. Once visible from the street the house is now totally obscured from sight.

Here is a look at "The Clampett Mansion" as it originally appeared.

This wonderful property was originally offered for sale for $350 million dollars US and now has been reduced to $245 million dollars US
Here is a peek at the inside.............

Also for any of you who have not found Alison Davies you need to check out her website for exquisite French Furniture and Kits. I have several of her pieces and cannot wait to place them in my house.  www.alisondaviesminiatures.co.uk You will be amazed at the detail and with how these pieces are made. I know some of the furniture purists won't like these because of the process but such is life. Not all of us are furniture makers.

If you made it this far I thank you! I am enjoying the amazing posts I have read from all of you on my "Blog List" You are truly a talented group of Artists.

I will see you again soon with updates on Windward House
Ray W-B


  1. So nice to read from you, dear Ray! (although my eyes are flickering when I have to read white on black;))

    I am sorry that your dog has left. I hope he has found a nice cloud from which he can always see you.
    I know how much it hurts ... my dog is already 17 years up on a cloud ... I am still often sad.

    With pleasure I read that you want to return soon again to the making of miniatures. I look forward to it !

    A warm hug from Pipi đŸŒč

    1. P.S.: When I post this comment above your site appeared with a black background. Spooky !

  2. Hi Ray. Thanks for posting beautiful inspiration photos! And I think motivation and inspiration will return. Maybe slowly, but it will. Miniatures are a way of temporarily checking out of life. I lost my baby girl 18 months ago and still find most days a bit of an uphill climb, but slow and steady wins the race. I just try to stay busy. Take care. Xx

  3. Unas fotos preciosas de inspiración, con ellas espero que pronto veamos tus trabajos. Comprendo tu tristeza, se hacen querer mucho, pues ellos dan mucho mås cariño y fidelidad.

  4. Hello Ray,
    Sorry to hear about Stoney. This looks like the Beverly Hillbillies Mansion? Great photos and interiors - Hopefully you will find your muse. Good to hear from you again. Troy

  5. Ray, I am so very sorry about sweet Stoney.....
    This house is SOME kind of beautiful! Inspiring indeed. I hope you can get your mo-jo back for minis, good to hear from you---

  6. Hi Ray! It's great to see a post from you again! I am so sorry you lost your beloved pet.... it is not easy to move on, I know.
    And Sometimes we need to take time off from minis in order to "see" them more clearly again. I hope you will find your way back to making miniatures soon! This house certainly has tons of detail to inspire you! And Windward House already has so much style, I can't wait to see more!

  7. Bonjour Ray, je suis trĂšs heureux de lire un nouvel article de vous et plus encore d'apprendre que vous allez continuer la construction de Windward House que j'adore. J'ai aussi plusieurs meubles d'Alison, j'aime tous ses modĂšles de meubles.
    La maison qui vous inspire est superbe, on y retrouve votre bon goĂ»t et l’Ă©lĂ©gance de votre travail.
    Pensées douces pour Stonez.

  8. I'm very glad to see a new post from you. I also admire Alison's Davies' work, although I haven't got anything from her yet. Beautiful pictures for inspiration.
    I'm so sorry for your loss.

  9. HelloRay,
    It is wonderful to see you posting again. I know this is a very difficult and painful time, but it might help you to re-connect with a project. I look forward to seeing more of Windward house and thank you for those gorgeous and very inspirational pictures.
    Big hug

  10. Ray,

    It is so nice to hear from you. That is a gorgeous house. Not one I can say I recognize but I would love to see it. The interior shots are stunning. 

    I can't wait to see more progress on Windward House. I agree! Alison Davies pieces are truly beautiful. They would fit perfectly into your house.  I do wish she would make some simpler French furniture. I think there would be a big market for it.  
    I am so very sorry to hear about Stoney. Losing a beloved pet is one of the most heart breaking things you can experience in life.

  11. Thinking of you, Ray and hope each day becomes more sweet as you recall your years with Stoney. All the best.

  12. So lovely to see a post from you Ray. Is it something in the air as there seems to be a lull in miniatures world wide? I look forward to your inspiration kicking in and see more of your amazing creations.

  13. Hi Ray
    I am so sorry to learn about the loss of your dog Stoney. I know that when a pet dies it takes a long time to get over because we feel the loss of their unconditional love which our beloved pets had for us.
    And experiencing a long miniature slump Does Happen, having gone through several myself. So don't rush it Ray, when the time, is the right time to return- you'll know.

  14. Hey Ray
    I'm so sorry about Stoney x
    Thanks for sharing the pictures, you were a lucky chap standing outside that! youll have to share that story sometime.
    Here's hoping you get your mojo back very soon.
    Much love

  15. Hi Ray
    sorry to hear about Stoney, I know what its like to lose the love of your life. I was devastated when I lost Baxter and it still hurts to this day but Ive gone on there were other animals who needed me and Im sure you will find one to help in your area. Ive got a few things on the back burner too but its difficult to do anything working two jobs. hope to see this come to life I loved watching the Beverly hillbillies.


  16. Dear Ray,
    I am so sorry to read that your Stoney passed away.Wishing you strength and comfort, my friend. I watched the Beverly Hillbillies on TV years ago but did not recognise the house. It is beautiful, inside and out. Thanks for posting this pics.
    I am sorry to read that your dh inspiration has been lacking for some time. I hope that you are over that by now, and that you refound inspiration. You have given me tremendous pleasure in the past by showing your beautiful work and hope we can enjoy that for a long time to come too.
    I have had a collaps of interest in minis myself, but slowly the fun in miniatures is coming back; hope this has happened for you too by now.
    everything in its own time.
    I have seen allisondavies' work and like it a lot.
    All the best, Ray, hope to see a post from you soon.

  17. Beautiful inspiration! And I am so sorry for your loss.