Monday, February 13, 2023

How My Miniature House Began


I have never shown my house in the beginning stages so I decided to post some pictures of it from the early planning stages. 

The house is an original design, built of plywood, laser cut and cast items. The shell of the house consists of three open floors with a flat back to sit against the wall. Three removeable panels enclose the front of the house.. I have built all the interior partitions from basswood strips used like studs in real life framing. The interior walls are then sheathed with double thick illustration board which provides a hard surface like drywall. I am wiring the entire house with hardwire (no tape wire). After carefully locating points in the house where lighting comes into play, I ran wires through the walls and up to the attic where they are divided by floor. Each floor lighting is independent. I used large low voltage terminal blocks for the connections, tested each one and made a journal documenting where every wire is located in the house. FYI in the pictures below ready made windows were used for placement, sizing and inspiration only. I used auto-CAD to draw all the windows in the house. The file was sent to a laser cutter.

I am currently working on the main and second floors of the house and struggling to make choices for the finishes. Oh well......

More to come.

Until next time


  1. It’s such a lovely build and so interesting to see the stair construction. I struggle making decisions on finishes and details too, so you’re not alone. Just take your time and hopefully it works itself out soon.

  2. Thank you for showing these pictures of the build. As a budding miniature builder myself these give me a lof of useful information on construction. thak you for that. And I agree with you and Shannon. The colours and finishes to choose from are perhaps the hardest part. But no doubt you will make good decisions for the final finishes of these rooms.


  3. Hi Ray! I Love seeing the beginning of your house! It has such wonderfully grand proportions. The curved staircase is divine, and your kitchen is very elegant.... if such can be said of a kitchen. :) The floors are simply gorgeous and the windows are too. You are making a masterpiece! Thank you for sharing! :):)